Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fan Ride: A Pair of Ballades from Middle Earth

This next fan ride feature comes from the other side of the world.  Ross has been a faithful first gen fan for a decade now, and has been flying the CRX flag in his homeland of New Zealand.  He acquired his first CRX in 2005 when he purchased a silver, 1987 Honda CRX Ballade Sport, with a 5-speed manual for $1700 NZD.  The car had only 97,000kms on the clock at the time.  It had been imported to New Zealand 15 years earlier by the same person who sold him the car.  It was still in original condition, but Ross regretfully admits, that he had no intention of keeping it that way.  "In my youth, I decided it had to be modified, not appreciating the value in the original look of the first gen."  I think we can all excuse his youthful impulsivity, we've all been there.  

Ross, while studying at University, was able to install 16" aftermarket wheels, rear lowering springs, tinted windows, a strut brace, a pod filter, 2nd generation CRX seats, a new steering wheel, a body kit, and a 6 speaker/1 sub sound system.  The car remained in his possession for two and half years, until he decided that he needed a bigger car.  Ross would have kept the car, if the necessary funds were available, but unfortunately that was not the case.  He was able to sell it for $3300 NZD, with 120,000kms. 

Ross never forgot about his first gen and kept on the look out for one in good condition.  "So after purchasing various rear wheel drive Nissans, I remained that if a good condition first gen popped up again, I would buy it."  Happily, one did, which brings us to the second car in this feature.  

Seven years had passed since his first car had sold, when finally, Ross found what he was looking for.  A red and silver 1984 CRX Ballade Sport 1.5i with 120,000kms.  Since the car was an early enough example, it had the highly sought after pop-up headlights.  Just like the first CRX he purchased, it was in original condition, but this time, Ross intends on keeping it that way.  "My plan is to restore it to a new condition, fixing and replacing panels, replacing the steel rims with factory alloys, fixing the upholstery, and getting a full re-spray."    I commend him for his decision and I look forward to seeing his future progress with his Ballade.  Maybe I can convince him to share some more pictures of it when he's done!


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