Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Fan Ride: A Family Affair

I know I'll never get tired of hearing stories of how the first generation CRX has touched someone's life.  To see others pour their time and money into a car that most would rather send to the scrap yard and replace with a new car, really makes me smile.  As I've said in the past, the first generation CRX is a challenging car to bring back from a long life of abuse.  The brittle plastic body panels, rust, and a limited selection of parts make these cars a labor of love.

This Fan Ride feature is a perfect example of that 'labor of love'.  Ivan's CRX has been major part of his life for many years.  His story starts in 1986 when his grandmother purchased the car new.  She drove it for several years before passing away.  Happily though, the car remained in the family and was passed down to his father, who then spent the next 10 years driving it back and forth to work.  Sadly though, during that time the car had fallen into disrepair.  It had even survived hitting a deer somehow, at 80mph, without bending the frame.  The car was rough and needed care.  That's where Ivan comes in.  His father finally decided to call it quits with the car and handed it down to Ivan, who could not have been happier with the decision.  Ivan had always had his eye on the car as he grew up and when the day finally came where it could be his, it was a dream come true.

"I've always had a huge love for these cars and I couldn't be happier about getting this car passed down to me."

After taking ownership of the CRX, he quickly began repairs and has since resurrected the car from 'beater' to 'heater'.  It is now his daily driver.  He continues to work on the car with the intent to get it back to its original condition, and he's been getting help from members on RedPepperRacing.com.  It's something special to see a car community come together to help others bring their beloved cars back to life.  That's what this blog is all about.

"I love every single little feature and line on these cars, I'm so happy to have the chance to own one."

Ivan has the 1G sickness, that is obvious.  You can tell in all the work that he has put into his car since he received it, and you can see it in the images that he takes of the car.  It's pure passion.  Thank you for sharing your story Ivan, keep up the good work!

Photos by Ivan Joyce


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