Friday, August 5, 2016

Perfection Attained - Serge's Mugen GT-4 CRX Replica Build: Part 3

Finally, what you've all been waiting for, the final part of Serge's Mugen GT-4 CRX Replica build.  I saved the best for last, the drivetrain.  The engine is the heart and soul of any car, and for this particular build, there is no exception.  The EW3 1.5L fuel injected engine is one of Honda's best engines, without modification.  But in order to stay true to the replica, Serge had to make it even better.  Who's complaining?  I didn't think so.


To start, the engine was torn down because it already had 110k miles on it.  Happily though, in true Honda fashion, it turned out to be in excellent condition.  Even though there was really nothing to repair on the engine, Serge still swapped the original head with a NOS head he had lying around the shop.  I wish we all had that problem.  Not only did he have an NOS head at hand, but he was able to source many other NOS replacement parts for the engine including the hardware, water pump and oil pump.  The flywheel was lightened by 500 grams, and to top it off, a set of Weber DCOE45 carburetors were installed.  When the transmission was inspected, it turned out to be in the same condition as the engine.  Just like the engine, it was also embellished will all NOS parts including, the clutch, starter, and axles.  The radiator and alternator were also replaced with NOS parts.  I'd sure like to know where he found all those parts.  Prior to installation, the engine and transmission were painted silver.  After installing the 4-2-1 header, steel brained fuel lines, and the rest of the left over bits that reside under the hood, the car was complete.

After two years of hard work Serge's dream had been realized.  He had the only Mugen GT-4 CRX Replica in Europe.  The first generation CRX is a rare enough sight in Europe, but to have something this special, is a dream come true.  Special thanks to Serge Ruiz for being willing to share his amazing creation, answering all my questions, sending me more pictures than I knew what to do with, and all the while being a genuinely great guy!  He is a credit to our little automotive community.  Please enjoy the last round of fantastic images from Serge and Renard Kevin Photography.

Here are two videos of the car in action:


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