Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fan Ride From Europe

I'm very happy to feature the first GENONE Blog fan ride, and it's a beauty!  It is a red on gray, EDM, 1984 Honda CRX SI (1.5 PGM-FI).  The owner, Jens, resides in Belgium, where he explained to me, the first generation CRX is a rare sight.  This was the deciding factor in his decision to purchase a first gen over the second gen CRX, quote: "I always liked any type of CRX, but a second gen was just not rare enough."  His beautiful 1G is a low mileage, factory example, but for the genuine Honda Prelude wheels that he acquired from Germany.  The wheels are 15x5.5 ET45, with 174/55R15 Bridgestone tires installed.  We can all be thankful for Jens' devotion to his car.  It is only driven on weekends when the weather is good, and is stored during the winter.  It's with honor that I feature his well maintained CRX as the first fan submission.  Keep up the good work Jens!

In addition to his first gen, Jens' daily driver is a pristine third gen CRX (Del Sol).

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  1. That thing is quite a quandary! In the U.S. there were no '84 Si versions and the flush headlights were not introduced until '86. Cool find.