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Monday, April 27, 2015

2015 Classic Motorsports Mitty

The warm sun and a cool breeze, the automaker and racing flags flapping in the wind, the drone of fellow car enthusiasts sharing stories with one another, the smell of race fuel, the roar of vintage racing engines, the bark of the PA over head... this is what I call heaven!  What everyone else calls it is the 2015 Classic Motorsports Mitty at Road Atlanta.  If you have any interest in things with motors, auto racing, beautiful scenery, hospitable people, or great barbecue, you need to attend this event.  This was my 4th Mitty, and it was by far the best.  The fact that my fetish for all things vintage was completely satisfied was not the only reason it was so great this year.  The main reason was that this year, I got to bring the CRX.  It took a lot of cleaning and tinkering hours before the event, but I was able to get her there, bright and early Sunday morning.  I've always dreamed of building a car and taking it to a car show, and this was my first.  It is SO worth it.  On top of being able to share my CRX with others, I found a fellow 1G, an '85 SI just like mine!  It was the first 1G I had seen at any car show since I moved to the Atlanta area 4+ year ago.  I'm glad the owner wasn't present when I discovered his car because I would have embarrassed myself as I drooled all over it.  Unfortunately I was never able to track down the owner before he left, but I will continue my search because his car is beautiful, and I would love to feature on this blog.  

The show went very well, and I caught several people hovering around the 1st gens, taking pictures.  Speaking of which, I happened to have my camera as well.  Enjoy!